TELEHEALTH - RAPID RESPONSE for Facilities/Providers, PEACE OF MIND for Families

Simple Telehealth with Reimbursement Support

Simple Telehealth with Reimbursement Support

Simple Telehealth with Reimbursement SupportSimple Telehealth with Reimbursement SupportSimple Telehealth with Reimbursement Support

Quality Care

Improved Outcomes

Additional Revenue


Telehealth is not a Product, it is a STRATEGY

Telehealth is NOT one-size-fits-all

We provide vital expertise on health insurance reimbursement and compliance with new regulations.

Our Telehealth & Remote Health Monitoring solutions are quick, easy, and simple to use

Let us be your Digital Health Solution Partner for empathetic and continuing elder care.

Telehealth Enablement

Complete end-to-end mobile and web-based solution, with quick onboarding and ready-to-go implementation that includes: 

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Required Consent Forms
  • Provider/Facility Documentation Requirements
  • Intro to Telehealth Reimbursement, and Billing
  • Virtual Staff Training 
  • Virtual Office Hours for Q&A
  • Operational workflows for PDPM Optimization

Potential for 10-20% increased monthly revenue

Remote Health Monitoring

A comprehensive Remote Health Monitoring (RHM) Solution that complies with the new CMS guidelines. RHM can be used as part of a Discharge Plan for the patient to follow in their "home" environment. The RHM Discharge Plan includes: 

  • Devices required to monitor the condition
  • Connectivity to backend data collection
  • Guidelines on use of wireless monitoring device

After Hours Physician Coverage is available as an option through our network of healthcare providers to address medical queries to assist the  patient's Primary Care Physician.

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Easy to set up and deploy Telehealth:

Improve your PDPM revenue with our Telehealth solution with built-in reimbursement and health insurance navigation.

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